“We are dreamers. We are problem solvers. We see challenges as opportunities. We aim for the unexpected. We have big ideas and we know what it takes to get things done. We are Astir, a digital + branding agency, who works tirelessly to help you find your voice, clarify objectives and create memorable customer-centric solutions. “  – Astir Agency

May 25, 2021 — BendFilm is honored to have collaborated with Astir Agency for the sixth year to develop the look of BendFilm Festival 2021!

In the words of Asitr, the 2021 Festival design (below) imagines “the concept of a tree’s life represented in its rings and imperfections help us to place this year among the others—a bigger picture. Some years feel long, some short, some full of adventure and some spent at home. Throughout the last eighteen years, BendFilm has been a constant spark of enjoyment, inspiration, art, and celebration. And, Oregon’s identity is rooted in our outdoor spaces and symbolically trees. This year we bring tree rings to life in a colorful and playful way, breaking sections apart as if each colored section is a story told.”

Erik Bergstrom, Creative Director of Astir Agency, spoke with us about his work, favorite BendFilm memories, and hobbies!

BF: What are you currently reading? 

EB: The Murmur of Bees

BF: What is the last show or series you binge-watched? 

EB: Schitt’s Creek

BF: When are you the most inspired?

EB: When I am on a surfboard bobbing in the cold Pacific Ocean and/or unexpected moments between the cracks.

BF: What’s one thing that people don’t know about you?

EB: I still have a pretty mean backspin.

BF: What are three things you cannot live without?

EB: Family, music and crafts for sliding.

BF: What’s something you want to be doing in 10 years?

EB: Helping more.

BF: How would you describe yourself in three words?

EB: Hopeful, helpful and playful.

BF: What is the last you movie you watched that made you cry?

EB: Bomb City 

What is your favorite band or song?

EB: “Rebuild a Nation” by Damon Locks and the Black Monument Ensemble.