This year, BendFilm will expand upon our previous collaborations with Warm Springs, Madras and women filmmakers with the Motion Picture Diversity Program (MPDP). This program sprang from BendFilm’s desire to expand opportunities for Native American and female filmmakers to reach a large and diverse audience. The MPDP gives BendFilm the opportunity to strengthen the social fabric of Oregon’s geographically and culturally diverse population, as well as the numerous visitors who attend the
annual BendFilm Festival, by exposing them to the work of underrepresented artists.

Warm Springs COO and OCF Leadship Councilor Alyssa Macy presents the OCF check to the BendFilm Board.





This program has been made possible by support and partnership from the Oregon Community Foundation ($20,000), the Collins Foundation ($10,000), the Madras Performing Arts Center, the Museum at Warm Springs, Warm Springs K-8 and BendFilm supporters everywhere.

The funds will be used to find and screen up to 12 Native and 12 women-led films in Jefferson County and in Bend. The support will allow BendFilm to host leading Native and women filmmakers for special screenings, panel discussions and film education opportunities.

“This program will no doubt inspire Central Oregon community members to embrace the rich culture of Native and women filmmakers who are under-represented in the greater film industry,” said BendFilm Director Todd Looby.  Because when communities meet the heroes and heroines they see on the big screen, the imaginations of young aspiring filmmakers are ignited.

Thank you, to all who have made this program possible. It is an incredible way to celebrate 15th year!