Our Founding Sponsor, Brooks Resources is celebrating their 50th Anniversary. Not only has Brooks Resources physically developed the town, but they have also helped to shape our culture and took a leading role in founding BendFilm in 2003.

With roots in the booming timber history of the last century, Brooks Resources knows that sometimes, things are worth waiting for. Although it doesn’t take quite as long as a Ponderosa Pine to grow to maturity, building a true community isn’t quick or easy. But when done right, something magical happens. And everyone wants to be a part of it.

Fifty years is really significant when compared to the rings of a mature tree. However, since its inception in 1969, Brooks Resources has been a steady, guiding force in our community. While their primary business is real estate development, Brooks Resources and its visionary leaders have played an instrumental role in everything from community events and non-profit organizations to public art and city infrastructure.

BendFilm Recognizes Brooks Resources with Community Builder Award

BendFilm may not exist in the same manner it does today if not for the support of community partners like Brooks Resources, our founding sponsor. In honor of the company’s 50th anniversary, BendFilm recognizes the many contributions Brooks Resources has made in our community.

It was our honor to recognize Brooks Resources with the inaugural Community Builder Award at our Power of Film event this year. We look forward to seeing how they help shape our community over the next 50 years.

Brooks Resources has developed some of the most recognizable neighborhoods, resorts and communities in Central Oregon: Black Butte Ranch, Awbrey Butte, NorthWest Crossing, Mount Bachelor Village Resort and The Tree Farm to name just a few. Moreover, what is notable about these and other properties the company has developed, is the thoughtful planning and long-term strategy they use with each project.


“As a pioneer supporter and founding sponsor of BendFilm, we have a long-held belief that a community with a strong arts and culture scene is a vibrant and healthy community. It attracts creatives who bring spirit, energy, innovation and diversity. It generates excitement, conversation and engagement. BendFilm does all of that, and more in our community. And we couldn’t be more proud to have been associated with this event from the beginning.”

Mike Hollern, Chairman
Brooks Resources Corporation

Unlike other developers who may cut corners and look for a quick profit, Brooks Resources thinks differently. They preserve and use nature in a way that serves as amenities for their residents and guests. They create opportunities for neighbors to connect. And they have high standards for buildings that not only perform well but look good too. The resulting communities stand the test of time, retaining higher values and serving as places that people want to live, raise a family and engage in their community.

At the same time, the team at Brooks Resources has been sending quiet ripples of support throughout Central Oregon in everything from education, healthcare, and social services, to the environment and arts. They recognize the value of nurturing a healthy and vibrant community and the community is better for it.