Ad Specifications
Film Festival Guide

Thank you for your support of BendFilm! Feel free to share this link with the person preparing your advertising pieces as per our contract.  Please send any completed work to us at and include your company name in the subject line.

Print Ad for BendFilm Guide:

1/8:   3.85w x 2.35h

1/4:    3.85w x 4.9h

1/2 h:     7.88w x 4.9h

Full:     7.88w x 10h

Advertising Slide (shown before screenings): 1920 Horizontal  x 1080 Vertical (pixels) at 72 dpi, saved as a JPG.  If you need a template: a JPG is available. DUE DATE: August 2024

Logo for print: This needs to be High resolution in .EPS or .PDF format so that it can be enlarged or scaled without losing quality.

Logo for website: This needs to be in .JPG format and at least 200K in size.  Please include the URL link to your website so we can link directly to you!

Name/Description: Please send your business name as you would like it to appear and depending on your sponsorship level, please provide the appropriate text description of your business specified in your contract.