We asked our fellow film lovers to exercise their creative writing skills to help tell a story about the scenes created on our Festival posters. Here is what YOU came up with for “The Floating” poster.  We are impressed by your creativity and cannot wait to do this again soon!

There was a shift in the air and she knew everything was about to change. The hairs stood up on her neck as she reached the foot of the bridge. She sensed an unknown presence on the other side. The young woman slowed down as she went under, her stomach tightened as she prepared to fight whatever was waiting for her. It was dark and felt cold as she made her way under the bridge. The only light she was able to navigate in came from the faint shadows peering through the cracked seams of the bridge. She kept tripping on her untied shoelaces, making her place her hands on the wet uneven ground, not knowing what was underneath them. Her heart pounded rapidly as she moved toward the unknown. But she could not sit. She ran into the light. Sweating from the heat of the suns rays and her speed, she ran. Heart pounding racing to save the one person who knew she was innocent. For if he perished she would be condemned. He would not be easy to rescue. An abandoned hospital had been secretly used to hold him captive. Cameras guarded the entrance and the old iron fence faithfully surrounded the perimeter of the building. They wanted her to fall for their sin but he knew the truth. He had witnessed the unthinkable. The unthinkable had been caught on tape. A story of tragic love was buried under that hospital and the only way to escape was to find the man she loved. Running was hard, in both the literal and figurative sense. This kind of running wasn’t in her plan. Her plan was for something exciting, not life threatening. ‬Her mind now racing for strategies as she approached certain risk ahead. How much threat was there? How much was from being in her own head? As she glanced back, she collided with someone. “Richardo! I’m so happy to see you. How did you escape?” He grabbed her and yelled “She’s over here!” Richardo suddenly vanished in thin air. The young woman briskly shook her head and rubbed her dry eyes. She looked back up in slight panic and discovered she was standing near an abandoned coastal lighthouse on a bright sunny day. In an instant panic was replaced with comfort. She associated the lighthouse, always with a keeper, watching out for the danger unknown to the weary in treacherous waters…”