No Man's Land Film Festival (2024)

No Man's Land Film Festival (2024)

Join us for our annual "IndieWomen" Appreciation screening!All Independent Women for Independent Film get in for free!Order tickets or reserve your free seat if you are an IndieWoman – here_________________________________________________________________________________Programming:1 // THE FABULOUS LIFE OF NANCY GREENE RAINE (10:01)* DIRECTOR: ANDREA WING PRODUCER: LAINEY MULLINS FEMALE DIRECTOR + PRODUCERN.G.R. has spent a lifetime showing the world what it means to love a sport. As a ski racer, coach, Olympic champ, mountain-resort visionary and Canadian Senator, Nancy Greene Raine is an inter-generational household name for many Canadians. But how much do you really know about Sun Peaks’ local celebrity? Turning 80 in 2023 and surpassing a milestone that a younger N.G.R. had never predicted, she’s left her footprint on both the resort and sport communities she’s led. Not only has she constantly empowered the next generation of skiers, she helped put Sun Peaks on the map as a world-class destination, and a welcoming community. A place where whether you're a local or a visitor, you always feel at home. Hold on to your toques because we’re dropping in, to a masterclass in how to live life at 120 km/hour. Weave through her exciting life story at a Nancy-approved pace! 2 // RE (5:48)* DIRECTOR: IZ LA MOTTE PRODUCER: MICHAEL BROWN FEMALE DIRECTORTwenty years ago, Re forged her own path in the outdoor sports community as one of the few women in her field. As an action sports photographer, she is dedicated to working with and showcasing the strength and individual personalities of female athletes. Re landed the first cover shot of a woman for Backcountry Magazine. She also secured the first all-female cover shot for Skiing Magazine. She views her work as a catalyst, fostering a social shift in the perception of women athletes in popular culture. Re has been inspiring her subjects and mentoring the next generation of female ski photographers for two decades.3 // THE DEBORA EFFECT (10:42)* DIRECTOR: DARCY HENNESSEY TURENNE PRODUCERS: DANNY VENNER, SCOTT JEWETT FEMALE DIRECTORAfter suffering a life-altering brain injury 7 years ago, mountain bike enthusiast Debora DeNapoli’s life would never be the same again. Finding profound healing in the one place she was warned never to return to—the trails—The Debora Effect demonstrates the true essence of mountain biking: pure, unadulterated joy. Recovering from a TBI one outing at a time, Debora found getting on her bike and back into nature was key to processing her most debilitating symptoms and tackling her mental health. Debora now brings her contagious energy and love of community to every single ride and person she interacts with—accompanied by a whole lot of singing. With boundless happiness, joy and laughter, people just gravitate towards Debora, and it’s easy to see why.4 // THE HIGH ROUTE (17:26)* DIRECTOR: ETHAN NEWBERRY PRODUCERS: BIZ YOUNG, THE NORTH FACE; JUSTIN SOUND, KAYTLYN GERBIN, JENNY ABEGG FEMALE PRODUCERSThe only recorded completion of the North Cascades High Traverse took 28 days. Motivated by the challenge of rugged mixed-alpine terrain, trail runners Kaytlyn Gerbin and Jenny Abegg set out to complete the epic linkup in 6. 5 // THE RIGHT TO JOY (20:20) DIRECTOR: JAY MELENA, TIM KRESSIN PRODUCER: DAVIS GOSLIN, ABDUL KASSAMALIAs a trans-masculine cyclist and policy scholar, Izzy Sederbaum was searching for community and acceptance within the sport. After surviving a rare cougar attack on a ride outside of Seattle in early 2018, Izzy was hospitalized with severe facial trauma while hateful anti-trans rhetoric filled comment sections of news articles that he had little to no control over. In the years since, he has struggled to overcome his anxiety of being alone in the woods and the self-doubt brought on by strangers after the attack. Despite these challenges, Izzy found solace and support in the Seattle cycling community, which reignited his passion for the sport. This film follows Izzy’s journey as he navigates the aftermath of the attack, overcomes his fears, and becomes a vocal advocate for diversity and trans inclusion within cycling communities across the country. 6 // BOTH & NEITHER | AMBOS Y NINGUNO (8:59)* DIRECTOR: JULIE ELLISON PRODUCER: ANDY COCHRANE FEMALE DIRECTORAs a Mexican American, Natalie Connell spent her life balancing two cultural identities, with neither fitting quite right on its own, but through art and climbing, she’s found her rightful place as a bridge between the two.7 // TRAILBLAZE (4:17)* DIRECTOR: MARIE-LOUISE NKASHAMA PRODUCER: GABBY PIAMONTE FEMALE DIRECTOR + PRODUCERDenver's Urban XC program is helping to grow the sport and helping young runners to expand their horizons. When they first entered high school, Julieta and Paola Ochoa had never heard of cross country. Now, they are grateful for the community and beautiful places running has taken them. 8 // A BITCH OF A RACE (16:30)* DIRECTOR + PRODUCER: DANIELLE DAWN DIVITO FEMALE DIRECTOR + PRODUCERCyclist Anna Lena Kempen gave life to the idea for The Frigid Bitch Race over 9 years ago because there wasn’t a space for her in the male-dominated cycling field. She wanted to create an inclusive space for women (and quickly realized the importance of including all underrepresented genders). The race would be harder, longer, colder, and more terrible and awesome than other races, and it would be just for us. 


Jun 28 2024


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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