Life is always changing. You have to leave behind parts of yourself that you've always thought defined you. There is a sadness in the void left behind with that loss, but that blank space leaves room for growth and a chance to build something new. This video is the directors interpretation of the song Neap Tide and a representation of those feelings.Director Bio: Andrew Higgins is an independent filmmaker currently based in Oregon. Growing up in a rural northern New York town, they often draw from their experiences of small town living to inform their filmmaking.

A music video for “Darlin’” from the She & Him album, 'Melt Away: A Tribute to Brian Wilson.'Director's Bio: Lara Jean Gallagher's shorts and music videos have screened at SXSW, Palm Springs, and online via Pitchfork, Spin, and NPR. Her debut feature, Clementine, premiered at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival in the US Narrative Competition. Clementine was supported by Tribeca Institute, Film Independent, and IFP, and the Venice Biennale College. It won best cinematography and best narrative feature at the Bend Film Festival and is distributed by Oscilloscope Laboratories. She lives in Los Angeles.

"A colorful drag through the monotony of lives and 9-5’s – a fitting lead into the bands next chapter which hopefully includes a lot more stages and a lot less grinding."Director's Bio:Karlee Boon is a 23-year old filmmaker based in Portland, OR. She is passionate about female-centric stories and carving out a space for fellow women and queer folks in the industry, particularly within the horror and comedy genres. Her work as an independent film producer/director are an amalgamation of Karlee's love for the '80s, psychedelic rock, and feminist horror.

Gold Casio star in an intergalactic late-night channel surfing montage set to their track "$$" off their new album due this fall. Prophecies revealed, magic slime, space Lincoln, sax solos and more.Director's Bio:Tyler B (pictured) and Gold Casio are cool artists.

An interdimensional strawberry-dog picks up a mysterious hitchhiker, in this hand-drawn music video for Monterrey, Mexico-based psych rockers Los Mundos. Director's Bio:Dave Merson Hess is a Los Angeles-based animation filmmaker with a background in design & indie comics. He is currently in production on "Zone 17", an animated post-apocalyptic sci-fi short, and his thesis film from the Experimental Animation program at Calarts.

Jane Machine’s “Bang” is a rambunctious and catchy ode to eros made flesh by its synth-driven track and infectiously playful video. Erica von Trapp, aka Jane Machine, conceived the music after hearing the composition in a dream. “Bang” found its visual soulmate through Nastasia Dusapin, Erica’s friend and collaborator. She visualized a “we film ourselves” concept celebrating sensuality and the preparation for it. A private pre-game for… banging. The camcordered journey explores three women’s rituals as they prepare for debauchery, fraught with a vulnerability that only comes from a lack of outside observation. The video, while playful, divulges a maturity in not only its objects and characters but also in its editing and choice of medium. It’s that good kind of understated. Spontaneous but with intention.Director's Bio:Nastasia Dusapin is a photographer and film director with over 11 years of industry experience having worked on award-winning campaigns featuring notable clients such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, and L'Oréal Paris. Featured in Purple magazine, Elle magazine, and many others. Women are often the heroes of Nastasia’s ethereal images and video portraits, which she creates from a place of intimate understanding and deep care.

Three elite are selected to leave Earth, a now destroyed planet and embark on a new beginning. The three first love their new experience on the way to the new planet and living in space. Soon the three realize that human life isn't meant for this new environment either.Director's Bio:Ambar Navarro is a Mexican-American filmmaker and artist from San Antonio, TX based in Los Angeles. She began creating films as a teen and later earned a B.F.A. from the California Institute of the Arts in Experimental Animation. Since graduating Navarro has specialized in working with musicians on music videos, photography, and music related branded work. Her videos carry on vibrant fictional worlds mainly shot on film with narratives in the genre of fantasy and horror.

The music video for "Ah Ways" by Kelsey Beck Kuther (Bend, Oregon based musician and sound engineer) is a visual adaptation of light, love and high desert roots. Our only plan was to shoot in the Oregon Outback – we spent two days getting lost on Highway 31 playing the song over and over. Kelsey was inspired by the performance art of earlier works of Jeff Buckley, while I came to the project wanting to create a very Lynchian VHS aesthetic.Director's Bio:Doone Lupine Williams is a Bend, Oregon based filmmaker, director and editor- solely shooting on camcorders from the 90s. The end.


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