Local writer Shelby Little reported from the 20th Annual Bend Film Festival this year! See what she had to say:

I watch more movies during Bend Film Festival than I do the rest of the year. Why? Because BendFilm’s artful program is curated by Bend-based screenwriter and BendFilm Program Director, Selin Sevinc. Who knows what weirdos are choosing the films for the commercial theaters?

Plus, the films feel engaging and larger than life in the festival setting. Filmmakers are present to tell you about their work, answer your questions, and to tell you how they made these big stories come to life (with often modest production budgets). You can straight-up ask the writer-director of a feature length movie what her motivation was, or how she got the guts to say that, or why her dad wore dresses in secret. The layers of glossy marketing typically associated with movies are sloughed off at the Bend Film Fest, and the artists are within reach of their audience. It’s thrilling, truly.

The BendFilm events that I’ve attended this fall give me the distinct impression this is the most vibrant and avant-garde organization in Central Oregon. Any other non-profits featuring drag queens at their parties? Maybe tomorrow I’ll think of more organizations that are on-par with BendFilm’s artistic lilt, but today my head is immersed in the fabulous festival BendFilm put on last weekend. If you missed it, not to fear, you can stream some of the films October 16-22.

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