(L-R: $$, New Beginning, Darlin’)


BendFilm To Celebrate the Connection of Music and Film with 8 Music Videos In Its Popular First Music Video Category Back For the Second Year

The Local Focus Highlights Pacific Northwest Filmmakers and Issues Impacting the Region


BendFilm announced today the eight Music Videos and nine Local Focus films set to screen at the 19th annual BendFilm Festival running October 6 – 23, 2022.  

The Music Video category takes audiences on a vivid and impactful audio and visual journey. Genres in the program include 1980s sci-fi-synth-rock, folk, PDX underground rock, satire, and more. The Local Focus documentary films highlight our community’s experiences and observations, highlighting local causes that affect all of us. The Local Focus narratives are a curated mixture of comedies, dramas and thrillers.

The Oscar® Qualifying BendFilm Festival will present 80 short films and 33 feature films from around the globe in addition to music videos, panels, workshops and live performances. The schedule is live at BendFilm.org

Todd Looby, BendFilm Executive Director, said, “Central Oregon has a vibrant and growing independent film community adding to the great work coming out of Portland and the Willamette Valley. Each year the Local Focus program expands and the quality of work gets better. We look forward to sharing local talent with audience members coming from near and far.”

Selin Sevinc, BendFilm Head Programmer, said, “We look forward to celebrating the harmonious, timeless and captivating connection between music and film. This year’s music video program provides both a nostalgic tribute to the early days of MTV and an insight into the creativity of modern music video culture. And we relish the opportunity to highlight local filmmakers and soul-baring stories through our Local Focus category.”




Neap Tide By Moon News

Directed by Andrew Higgins

World Premiere

The pain of loss/change and the prospect of building something new.


Darlin’ by She & Him

Directed by Lara Jean Gallagher

Festival Premiere

A music video for “Darlin’” from the She & Him album, Melt Away: A Tribute to Brian Wilson.


Dichotomatic by Spoon Benders

Directed by Karlee Boon

World Premiere

A colorful drag through the monotony of lives and nine-to-fives.


$$ by Gold Casio

Directed by Tyler Bertam & Gold Casio

World Premiere

Intergalactic late-night channel surfing.


Frutos Rojos by Los Mundos

Directed by Dave Merson Hess

West Coast Premiere

An interdimensional strawberry-dog picks up a mysterious hitchhiker.


Bang by Jane Machine

Directed by Nastasia Dusapin

World Premiere

Jane Machine’s “Bang” is a rambunctious and catchy ode to eros made flesh by its synth-driven track and infectiously playful video. 


New Beginning by Automatic

Directed by Ambar Navarro

Festival Premiere

Three elite are chosen to escape Earth and start a new beginning on an unharmed planet. 


Ah Ways by Kelsey Beck Kuther

Directed by Doone Lupine Williams

Festival Premiere

Think David Lynch’s 1997 neo-noir “Lost Highway” with a twist of Jeff Buckley.





Blend: On Being Black in Bend | Directed by Kenny Adams 

US Premiere

Ten Black Central Oregonians share their experiences living in the area and the hurdles they’ve faced.


Bridging the Gap (USA) | Directed by Elif Koyutürk 

West Coast Premiere

Meet the people behind Think Wild’s mission to protect and care for native wildlife in Central Oregon. 


Bugtussle (USA) | Directed by Derek Sitter 

World Premiere

After a bank robbery gone bad, a broken criminal and his unhinged partner hide out in a shack in the orange groves of Bakersfield to await their getaway car. 


Further In (USA) | Directed by Eric Parnell 

World Premiere

An off-grid camping trip exposes the darkness in a couple’s relationship.


Get Stung (USA) | Directed by Nick Logsdon 

World Premiere

A Dutch health and wellness guru helps a honeybee cope with its impending death. 


Julia (USA) | Directed by Emma Duvall 

World Premiere

Based on a true story in 1970 South Korea, a young girl faces a test of friendship at an orphanage when she is accused of a crime she did not commit.


Spotlight: Presented by NeighborImpact | Directed by Felipe Santacruz 

World Premiere

An inside look into making Central Oregon more equitable and inclusive for everyone.


To Out Scheme a Sister (USA) | Directed by Taylor Moe 

World Premiere

In Edwardian-era England, Bernadette makes a plan to regain her inheritance from the hands of her scheming sister Mildred.


Vlad & Nick (USA) | Directed by Taylor Morden 

Central Oregon Premiere

On Christmas eve, an aging vampire recounts his adventures with an old friend.