It’s that time of year again! Don’t let the stress of holiday shopping get you down. We have compiled a list of 25 amazing gifts to get the Movie Lover in your life! This will make your gift-giving so easy and will absolutely be a hit with film nerds.

1. Tin Pan Ticket Gift Pack!
Get either 6 or 10 tickets at a discounted rate! This is a perfect way to support a local business and give a gift that keeps on giving! It’s always nice to be able to go to the movies for free!


2. BendFilm Membership:
With 6 different levels of Membership, you can gift one no matter your budget. This is a great gift for the Film lover that lives in Bend, and it comes with a variety of year-round perks.

3. BendFilm/ Tin Pan Merch:
If your pal loves going to the Tin Pan or is a BendFilm Festival goer, get them some merch! All mech can be purchased in person at the Tin Pan Theater. Tin Pan Hydroflask Cups are a great gift, you get $1 off every drink when you use the cup.


4. 2023 Bend Film Festival Pass:
Make sure you & loved ones join BendFilm to celebrate our 20th Anniversary in 2023! Give the gift of attending Movie Maker Magazines’ 25 coolest Film Festivals in the World–October 12-15th, 2023 in beautiful Bend Oregon. There is nothing like experiencing films with the rest of the worl
d, alongside the filmmakers themselves!

5.IndieWomen Membership:
IndieWomen Celebrate and Support the Brave and Inspiring Work of Women Filmmakers BendFilm’s IndieWomen mission is to support all women filmmakers at the BendFilm Festival and beyond. Female-identifying, non-binary and trans individuals are welcome to join. Your funding supports increased filmmaker representation at the Festival in order to help build filmmaking careers.

Gift Group #6: Posters!

100 Movie Scratch-off Poster:
This is a fun interactive gift for the kind of person that loves checking things off their list + watching movies of course.


Minimalist Movie Posters:
Get these unique posters of your loved ones’ favorite films.


Horror Movie Scratch-off poster:
The same idea as the 100 Movie Scratch-Off poster but for Horror Fans! Spooky!


Gift Group #7: For the Foodies! 

Popcorn Seasoning:
Who doesn’t love snacking on some popcorn? Spice it up with this delicious pack of popcorn seasoning, perfect for the ultimate movie night.


Coppola Wine:
Francis Coppola has a winery! This gift is perfect for the wine lover. Pop it open, pour a glass, and enjoy a film. 


Eat What You Watch Cookbook:
This cookbook makes all those amazing foods you see on your screen. Gift it to the foodie in your life! The question is, does it taste as good as it looks?


Gift Group #8: For the cool kid

Movie Soundtrack Vinyl:
For movie & music lovers, get a film soundtrack on vinyl! A24 has so many, and they look so cool, which is a bonus!


Cinefile Card Game:
Test your knowledge with this fun game that is perfect for the next game night with your friends.

Last BlockBuster Merch:
We had to include the Blockbuster merch on our list as it is in our lovely town of Bend! Perfect for the nostalgic film lover who wishes they could wander the aisles of this lost store!

Gift Group #9: For the book lover!

Hereditary Screenplay book:
This is perfect for the horror movie lover!


Wes Anderson Coffee Table Book:
If you have a loved one who is a fan of the whimsical director this book is perfect for them.


Story by Robert McKee:
Some call this book the “Screenwriting Bible”. It’s perfect for someone looking to learn more about the art of screenwriting!


Gift Group #10: For the A24 fan!

Marcel the Shell Statue:
If you have a Marcel-obsessed kid (or adult) in your life this is the perfect & adorable gift.

A24 Towel:
For the A24 lover, get a fun branded Towel.

Lady Bird Puzzle:
For the puzzler in your life.

Gift Group #11: For the die-hard film lover!


Customizable Movie Print:
Add a personalized touch to your gift and get this print of your friend’s favorite movie.


Movie Maker Magazine Subscription:
Stay up to date on all the latest Movie news with another gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.


Martin Scorses Master Class:
The gift of knowledge! This is a great gift for someone who wants to learn more about filmmaking. It will no doubt have a lasting impact!


Gift Group #12: For the cozy at-home movie watcher!


Half Snap A24 Fleece:
For that friend who is always cold. The perfect fleece says “I love movies, but don’t want to scream it from the rooftops”

Aspect Ratio Blanket:
Perfect for cozying up on the couch and watching your favorite movie!

Genre Candles:
Light a candle and get in the mood for whatever film you are going to watch, there is one for basically every genre!