Clutching an intriguing looking briefcase, a man arrives home late to his concerned wife. Curious to hear the tale of his tardiness she pries the story from him. A story that involves giving a ride to an oddly behaved hitchhiker who was walking along the edge of the tarmac, holding the aforementioned case. Reluctant to accept the ride the strange hitchhiker realizes he has very little options given his location. Once in the car and back on the road stifled conversation and non answers confuse our innocent driver. Hoping to get something from the stranger our man inquiries about the briefcase, where he is met with rude resistance. Director's Bio:Scottie Cameron is an Australian born director and photographer living and working in Los Angeles California. Intrigued by the mundane and ordinary Scottie's work aims to tell stories the simplest way possible.


Oct 10 - 23 2022


12:00 am - 11:59 am

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